Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Customer – (“you”) a registered person who is placing an order request for an on-demand delivery via the Rocket Couriers website form, or via Rocket Couriers mobile app.

Receiver – person on the receiving end of the on-demand delivery consignment.

On-Demand Consignment – a package or a batch of packages which are delivered straight to a Customer/Receiver’s home or business address.

Rocket Couriers – the courier service being contracted to provide the pick-up, transportation, and delivery of consignments as ordered by Customer. Rocket Couriers (“us”,” our”, ”we”, ”the company”, ”the app” or “the website”) – means Rocket Couriers, headquarters registered on the following address: Toronto, Ontario, Business Number: 799256540.

Driver/Agent – the Driver contracted to carry out on-demand pick-ups and deliveries as an Agent of Rocket Couriers.

Delivery Estimate – is the fixed price (including HST tax of 13%, with any applicable promo codes selected by the Customer) shown on the website form and/or mobile app. The website’s estimation tab only shows the fixed price (including HST tax of 13%) and does not include any applicable promo codes.

Notes – is the required field where the Customer should enter a description of the consignment, providing reasonably detailed notes as to avoid any delays or damages.

Promo Code – a personalized code provided by Rocket Couriers, based on the Customer’s activity and any applicable ROCKET COURIERS promotions.

Website Booking – is a request that indicates your chosen pick-up and delivery details, along with the item description notes and your total price for services.

Consignment Batch – is a maximum of 4 individually packaged items (which shall not exceed 50 pounds (23 KG) in total weight or have total dimensions exceeding 20L x 20W x 20H inches.

Dangerous Goods – are substances and articles which have been identified as hazardous for transport and present a risk to people, property, and the environment. Rocket Couriers does not accept Dangerous Goods as consignment.

Proof of Delivery – is a digital signature and photo taken by your Rocket Couriers at the moment of releasing the on-demand consignment. By signing, Receiver acknowledges receipt of consignment at the drop-off location. Photo proof acknowledges that the consignment was delivered and received at the requested drop-off location, with no damages.

3-Way Transparency – Customer, Receiver and Rocket Couriers should be aware of the scheduled on-demand delivery service and its time frame. If the Customer or Receiver is not available at the pick-up or drop-off location, extra charges may apply to the Customer’s delivery order.

Upon signing up with Rocket Couriers, each Customer will checkmark the box which declares that they accept and understands the Terms and Conditions. It is recommended that you thoroughly read and understand this agreement to avoid unnecessary delays, claims or problematic matters for you the Customer, or for Rocket Couriers. If you have any questions or would like to contact us regarding these Terms and Conditions, please do so by emailing info@rocketcouriers.ca


2.1. Rocket Couriers is engaged in the transportation of on-demand consignments, operating in the GTA within a 100 kilometer range. Evening rates on deliveries apply after 8:00PM of any day of the week. And weekend rates are applied every Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday. If the range of distance for a consignment exceeds 100 kilometers, please contact Rocket Couriers at 416-906-1144 for immediate assistance, or send your inquiries to info@rocketcouriers.ca

2.2. Rocket Couriers reserves the right to decline an order at our discretion, and to discontinue access to our services at any time without notice.

2.3. Rocket Couriers’s maximum carrying weight is 50 pounds (23 KG) per one on-demand consignment or for a max of ten consignments in a batch per individual delivery address, together not exceeding the maximum dimensions of 20L x 20W x 20H inches. If your consignment exceeds this total volume, please contact info@rocketcouriers.ca. Rocket Couriers will decline to deliver any orders if the booked orders do not comply with these specifications.

2.4. All on-demand consignments must be legal products, and not containing any dangerous goods or hazardous materials, firearms or live animals which are in contradiction to any local, provincial, or federal laws. Rocket Couriers will decline any consignments deemed illegal, and maintains the right to contact the proper authorities.

2.5. To create a valid booking of an on-demand consignment order, Customer must be 18 years of age or older and must follow the guidelines outlined under Terms and Conditions on the Rocket Couriers website.

2.6. Rocket Couriers does not provide cold chain solutions, therefore consignments that require such protection will be transported at the Customer’s and Receiver’s risk of damage by exposure to temperature conditions. All Rocket Couriers transport is heated (from 20 to 33 celsius), so all consignments that require heated service are acceptable. Consignments that require a specific temperature are delivered via Rocket Couriers at the Customer’s own risk. If the Customer does not indicate the required temperature for the consignment in the Notes field on the website or mobile app booking form, Rocket Couriers is not liable for any occurred temperature exposure causing damage to the consignment during the transit period.

2.7. Customer is fully responsible for proper packaging of the consignment. Rocket Couriers does not accept responsibility for any damage to on-demand consignments due to poor or improper packaging by the Customer. Additionally, Rocket Couriers reserves the right to refuse products which are improperly packaged, and in such cases are without liability to deliver consignment on time. Refunds will not be issued for improperly packaged and/or labeled consignments.

2.8. Rocket Couriers reserves the right to inspect any on-demand consignment that is requested/booked for delivery. If we deem the consignment may be in opposition to stated Terms and Conditions, Rocket Couriers has the right to conduct an inspection which includes: opening the consignment to verify contents as per Customer’s item description in the Notes field during order placement on the website booking form or mobile app.

2.9. Rocket Couriers reserves the right to decline or cancel the pick-up booking at any time. Normally, the confirmation of Customer’s booking happens instantly or with a 5 – 15 minutes period. If Rocket Couriers takes the initiative to cancel a placed order, a refund will be issued to the Customer that placed the order.

2.10. In the event that a Customer cancels their order after a Rocket Couriers Driver has begun the assigned tasks, the Customer is still responsible for the full payment of the order processed. Rocket Couriers will charge the full amount of the canceled order to the attached card. Customer will have to book a new order request if they wish to reschedule their delivery.

2.11. If the Customer is organizing a consignment batch delivery, the Customer should indicate the exact number of packages in the Notes field while placing the order on the website. Rocket Couriers is not liable for missing packages if the total number was not indicated by the Customer at the time of booking. All items will be billed as one on-demand consignment delivery.

2.12. Rocket Couriers’s grace period is 10 minutes upon arrival to pick-up and delivery locations. We will attempt to contact Customer at the pick-up location and the Receiver at the delivery location via our integrated messaging or phone call via mobile app. If Rocket Couriers is unable to contact Customer or Receiver at the booked locations, additional charges will be added to initial booking order. The maximum number of additional waiting minutes will not exceed 10 minutes after allowed grace period, every additional minute of waiting or labour will be charged $1.11. Return fee will be applied for Rocket Couriers to redeliver package to the initial Sender will be 50% of the original total consignment delivery fee.

2.13. Rocket Couriers provides an on-demand courier service which means that all pick-ups and deliveries will be made on the same scheduled day and time frame indicated, which shall not exceed a 24 hour period. Satisfaction of Rocket Courier’s Customers and Receivers is of high priority. Therefore, in the case of the pick-up being made by Rocket Couriers and the Receiver not being able to receive the on-demand consignment on the scheduled day and in the scheduled time, an additional charge of $25 will be applied to the consignment, which will be placed in a secure storage facility until delivery can be completed. Redelivery fees will apply for the next day, concurrent with the distance Rocket Couriers must travel to complete the delivery.

2.14. Customer must provide accurate pick-up, delivery and Notes data in order for Rocket Couriers to perform their on-demand delivery service. Customer is liable for any inaccurate information and will be charged for any additional costs incurred by Rocket Couriers for misleading, false or inaccurate information affecting the delivery.

2.15. In the case of a Customer needing to redirect their delivery, we advise that they contact Rocket Couriers 416-906-1144 as soon as possible for immediate assistance in redirecting the consignment to the correct location. Redirections are free of charge if Rocket Couriers has yet to pick up the scheduled consignment at the pick-up location indicated. Otherwise, additional fees will apply.

2.16. To ensure the safety and reliability of Rocket Couriers, our Customers, and our Receivers, Rocket Couriers will provide information of courier’s name, photograph, car model, and plate number. Moreover, Rocket Couriers will provide a GPS live trackable link and the ability for the assigned ROCKET COURIERS driver to communicate with Customer and Receiver directly via in-app messaging or phone calls. Every stage of the delivery will be recorded, both Sender and receiver parties are notified, and all data will be available for the Customer’s records on the website or mobile app under “Tasks”.

2.17. Rocket Couriers is under no obligation to provide additional manpower separate from the assigned courier to carry or load on-demand consignment. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the prepared consignment follows all the described specifications of Rocket Couriers Terms and Conditions.

2.18. Rocket Couriers does not offer general refunds for failure of delivery. Refunds are assessed on a case by case basis and are dependent on several factors that may include but are not limited to: order processing; Customer or Receiver being unavailable when Rocket Couriers arrives at pick-up or delivery locations; natural disasters or otherwise inclement weather; and various other circumstances outlined in these Terms and Conditions. Rocket Couriers guarantees the on-time delivery of booked on-demand consignment unless circumstances outside of the control of Rocket Couriers interrupts such delivery. In such cases where Rocket Couriers fails to meet delivery standards, then a credit will be issued to the Customer’s account for the next order. All conditions as outlined in these Terms and Conditions must be followed by Customer for any claim of failure to be on time is made.

2.19. All the records of any important data will be transparent between the Customer and Rocket Couriers. Liability for each on-demand consignment or batch is limited to $100. All claims should be forwarded to info@rocketcouriers.ca.


3.1. Rocket Couriers provides the website for the Customer to understand the process and the nature of business, as well as, obtain an estimated delivery price (including HST – 13% tax) based on the distance from pick-up to delivery location within the boundaries of Toronto and its surrounding areas.

3.2. Customer or Receiver will be able to see instant pricing by the distance on the Rocket Courier’s website. The estimation may vary corresponding with different times of day, or weeks of the year.

3.3. Customer is able (and it is highly recommended) to pre-schedule their bookings in advance (Up to 30 days ahead), in this case the price will not be changed by any of the factors covered in Section 3 under 3.2. However, if the Customer decides to cancel their booking prior to the pick-up day, then the cancellation will be free of charge.

3.4. Customer will be able to sign up for the services and obtain access to the website booking form and/or mobile app with the same credentials. All ROCKET COURIERS Drivers are independent contractors registered with ROCKET COURIERS. For security and safety purposes, every Rocket Couriers Driver undergoes security background and criminal checks.

3.5. When a Customer is placing an order over the website, Rocket Couriers will find the best match for your booking and you will be notified with an email and/or an sms message.

3.6. It is very important to provide all the correct information about the pick-up and delivery details. It is essential to fill out the Note field and give as much description as is helpful for Rocket Couriers to make a successful and on time delivery. Always enter a detailed description of your on-demand consignment with the following information: approximate weight (all weights are in pounds), item description, fragile, number of consignments (maximum batch of 4 items per delivery), gate codes, buzzer codes, etc.

3.7. When the booking order is submitted to Rocket Couriers, the order might undergo a payment and fraud security check at the stage of booking acceptance. Rocket Couriers maintains the right to refuse or cancel the collection of any on-demand consignment.

3.8. Rocket Couriers only accepts consignments from legal residents of the City of Toronto and its surrounding areas, except from distances exceeding 100 kilometers from downtown. The Customer should have a valid credit or Visa debit card registered with a Canadian bank.

3.9. We ensure that all Rocket Couriers are legally approved and registered with Rocket Couriers.

3.10. Our integrated real-time tracking system allows the Customer to see all activities from the mobile app and details at each stage of the process.

3.11. Rocket Couriers is not liable for delay or damage if the on-demand consignment has not been properly packaged and/or labeled. For more details on what to provide in order to facilitate a successful and timely delivery, please refer to Section 3 – 3.6.

3.12. In the case that Rocket Couriers is not able to pick up and deliver the on-demand consignment within the scheduled time frame, Rocket Couriers will contact first the Customer, then Receiver if the Customer is not available, to inform and reschedule the new delivery time.

3.13. Customer is liable for giving the on-demand consignment to the right courier. To ensure that it is the right courier, Customer will be provided with the assigned Rocket Couriers agent’s name, car model and license plate number. As well, sms notifications are sent at every stage of the delivery process.

3.14. Every on-demand consignment will be visually inspected by the Rocket Couriers agent assigned to the task. The Customer is fully responsible for proper packaging, especially of heavy, free-moving items which are not reasonably supported in the consignment box or carrying equipment. Damage claims in this case will be declined by Rocket Couriers.

3.15. Rocket Couriers will always carry out the safest and most efficient delivery. Rocket Couriers is not liable for any damage to consignments that contain extra-fragile items such as drinking glasses, plates, artwork, liquid supplies, mirrors, glass bottles, audio equipment. However, Customer is not restricted from arranging deliveries for such items but understands that they do so at their own risk. If Customer decides to take this responsibility, we recommend using shatterproof materials, proper labeling and provide accurate details of the on-demand consignment. Claims for such cases will be declined by Rocket Couriers.

3.16. Customer is liable for the scheduled time of pick-up and delivery. Therefore, it is the Customer’s and Receiver’s responsibility to be available during the requested time frame to send or receive consignments. Otherwise, Customer’s consignment is subject to an additional fee. For further information, refer to Section 2 under 2.12. & 2.13.

3.24. It is Rocket Couriers’ priority to keep all information confidential and secure. The website is constantly monitored for any fraud, scams, and illegal activities. Both platforms are integrated with high security measures like secure premium payment gateways.

3.25. A party who is not a party to this agreement but is a Receiver, can not impose the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

3.26. Customer is prohibited to use Rocket Couriers services for any items which are illegal to carry or transport, or maybe be potentially dangerous or hazardous to Rocket Couriers or the public.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Firearms, weapons, ammunition or associated parts
  • Explosives and/or fireworks, flammable materials
  • Biological and/or chemical materials
  • Illegal drugs and/or any other illegal substances

3.27. To be registered with Rocket Couriers services, the Customer should be at least 18 years of age and be a legal resident of the province of Ontario. As we provide local deliveries only, all registrations which are made outside the country of Canada will be declined. If the Customer is registering as a business, then the Customer and their Business agree with these Terms and Conditions.

3.28. Customer is responsible and liable for the security and actions of their created account under chosen username and password.

3.29. Rocket Couriers reserves the right to cancel or reject the account registration made by the Customer at any time without notice.

3.30. If an account has been removed, canceled, or rejected, Customer must submit a written appeal form to info@rocketcouriers.ca with contact information and any relevant details. All decisions are final. Rocket Couriers is not liable and/or responsible for granting Customer reinstatement.

3.31. Rocket Couriers aims to provide a website and mobile app which operates 24/7. However, we are not liable for any reason if the website is unavailable at any time or for any period. We will do our best to keep customers informed of changes.

3.32. It is not in our power if for any reason the website or mobile app is not available due to maintenance, repair, or a system failure.

3.33. Rocket Couriers will charge the attached credit/debit card which is selected at checkout by the Customer. Charges will align with the posted pick-up and delivery locations, and any extra applicable charges according to these Terms and Conditions.

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